The Risk of Communal Workspaces

Communal workspaces are popular but it is important to recognize that there are many security risks associated with publicly shared workspaces. Read more to learn about the risks associated with a communal workspace.

October 1, 2021

The Security Risks of Communal Workspaces

Although the COVID-19 pandemic hugely affected the use of communal workspaces in 2020, we're starting to see specifically young individuals return to them as they often help with productivity.

With more individuals working remotely these days, at-home offices don't work for everyone and many find that productivity levels are raised if they work in a cafe or shared public working space. Although these spaces are common for individuals to work in, there are some major security risks.

These shared working spaces can pose a security threat as multiple different people are using the same public WiFi network. This makes it very easy for anyone to access your devices and information through the network.

This is especially concerning if you're accessing sensitive company data such as client information, financial files, and anything else that should stay confidential. It also includes your work and personal emails, saved photos, personal information such as health related files, government information, and financial records.

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