Should You Use Personal Devices for Work?

Should you be using your personal devices for work? What are the dangers associated with that?

October 1, 2021

Should You Use Personal Devices for Work?

This past year has led to dramatic changes in the workplace and has drastically shifted how many companies conduct business. Many workplaces have transitioned online following the rise of COVID-19 as organizations began to require their employees to work remotely or from home. Although this helped to stall the spread of COVID-19, it has also led to a massive increase in cyber threats and the rise of cybercriminals. Phishing, malware and other cybercrimes skyrocketed as cybercriminals took advantage of the online shift. Employees tend to be less careful and often are unaware of the dangers hidden in their online workspace. It is important to be aware of the cyberthreats that exist to target individuals working remotely and learn how to keep sensitive company information secure.

Although it may be tempting to reach for your own devices to handle work matters, this could be a security risk for you and your company! Your work computer likely has security measures in place that your personal devices do not, such as a VPN, encrypted drives, antivirus software and endpoint protection. Your personal computer could be easily compromised by a third party and may put your company network and information at risk.

Solutions: Keep your work and personal business separate and on their own respective computers.

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