Is Incognito Mode Really Private?

Are you really safe when you are using incognito mode? Are your web activities truly private? Read more to learn about the true privacy settings of incognito mode.

October 1, 2021

How Private Is Incognito Mode?

Many of us use the incognito feature on our browsers for different reasons, some people use it at work, some people use it at home, but do we really know what the incognito browser hides?

We've done a quick breakdown so you can know exactly what incognito mode does.

Here’s what your incognito mode WILL do:

- It will keep your online activity hidden from your browsing history

- The cookies that are usually collected on your clicks will not be taken

- If any of your data is logged while you're online, incognito mode will wipe it once you exit off

Here’s what incognito mode WON'T do:

- It won't hide your browsing activity from your internet provider

- It won't hide your activity on a work device from your employer

- It will not wipe or hide files that you’ve downloaded onto your device

Be cautious about what you use your incognito browser for as nothing is guaranteed to stay private. For work usage especially, you'll want to be wary of what you're searching for online, as employers are still able to access that information if you're on a work device.

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