How to Manage Your Passwords

October 16, 2020

How Strong Is My Password?

These days, having one strong password for all your systems is not sufficient enough. 

If a hacker got a hold of that password, all of your accounts could be compromised. And if you thought adding a special symbol or a number to the end would make it harder for them to decipher, you’d be mistaken. 

Hackers do not simply guess what your passwords are, they use special software systems and AI to figure it out. By adding a number or special symbol to the end of your password, it only takes cyber criminals 10 more seconds to decipher it.

It is important that your passwords are all different and hold a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols if possible. 

How Do I Manage?

It’s nearly impossible to remember strong and unique passwords for every single system you use especially if those passwords are over 16 characters long and being changed every 6 months.

So, here are some important tips you should be practicing:

1. Never reuse your old passwords

2. Change your passwords every 6 months

3. Multi-factor authentication should be enabled whenever possible

4. Try out a password management tool such as 1password or Lastpass, these are secure tools that can help you generate strong passwords and keep them private

5. Avoid free password management tools and apps as they are not very secure

I’m Not Comfortable Using a Password Management Tool

If you’re not comfortable with using password management tools, a great way to remember your strong and unique passwords is to use a passPHRASE rather than a passWORD. 

For example, you can take the phrase “I need a strong passphrase!” and change it to “1N33d4Str0ngP4ssPhr4s3!” where you add uppercase and lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols. This will make the passphrase easier for you to remember and simultaneously harder for hackers to decipher.

So there we have it, for ultimate security you should have:

A strong passphrase + multi-factor authentication = highest level of security


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